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Employee Write Up Form

Looking to download Employee Write Up Form? Then you are at the right place.

The human resource section of every company uses several forms to maintain its relationship with every employee. From appraisal to termination, various forms for employee relationship are used, sometimes to motivate the team through appraisal or sometimes to shed the inefficient section of the employee in order to improve the overall efficiency of the manpower in work. This form is one of them.

Generally, HR people talk with the employees when something serious arises and even if after talks, the issues have not been resolved, they start sending write up forms.

Moreover, the forms are issued when a bunch of employees or an employee constantly doing some errors even after several follow-ups. After all verbal intimations, a written letter with strong intimation is given to the employees. It asks for show causes. It becomes a document that the employee or employees had a record of being asked for show causes.

Generally, HR managers issues a write up form. Prior discussion is being done by some executives in the HR section but the final warning through the forms is delivered right from the desk of managers. It gives a thumb of seriousness.

Employee Write Up Form

Productivity is all in an organization and whatever hampers productivity that should be avoided. It can employee- employee clash, employee-employer clash due to any policy change or work-related issues.

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Every issue should be profoundly addressed. And employee write up printables help us in that. Though these look like simple forms but can address a strong message to all in the related matter and can set an example for all.

The forms are issued just because for taking disciplinary actions. When there’s any misconduct or misbehavior in the workplace, in order to maintain discipline in the organizations’ managers need to take proper steps and if the verbal warning doesn’t affect anything, official firing forms are issued. These forms can be issued either to any individual person or to a group of employee altogether.

 Every form is different from one another but every form has a motive of improving the environment and productivity of the organization. When an incident led to any performance lag in the company and if the whole issue doesn’t get resolved after meeting and several communications, the formal forms are issued to the persons concerned. This is the last resort when every informal warning nips in a bud. But we always have to be warned when we should use these forms as tools of managing human resources in an organization where informal follow-ups may not work properly.

Why we should use it

When multiple warnings don’t get any result to resolve any matter which disturbs the environment, these forms can be used as a big tool because it refers as one of the best formal intimations to all that management has had enough and can’t tolerate anything further on the matter and everyone either should resolve the matter through meeting or mutual understanding.

After issuing these show cause forms, if any reason doesn’t meet a suitable answer and if the same thing keeps happening then removal of the personnel may take place in order to keep everything running smoothly.

In an organization, a behavior of one person influences others easily. Thus, a simple issue may raise something big which can take such a picture that may not be handled easily. So, these forms act as a proactive measure in this case.

There may be several reasons behind issuing these forms-

  • Poor performance.
  • Doing the same error inspite of several intimations.
  • Lack of attention in the workplace.

When we should Use it

There is no specific time to use these. If the manager feels the situation is getting worse and they need to act immediately with a formal makeup, these forms can come into use. But generally before acting formally, HR team talk with the persons held for anything serious.

Employee write up templates should not be used at all times. They are only presented to the employees when things get serious. Before this, managers and employers should speak to the employees in person and communicate with them, letting them know about their poor performance or bad behavior.

An organization explains its own goal and code of conducts superficially and how the company treats the poor performers and what are the prizes for the performers. Though a sudden fall in the performance graph doesn’t attract these intimations, steady falling performance can surely attract. Excessive negative behavior can also attract attention and in this case, it doesn’t matter how good your performance is.

  • Steady fall in performance.
  • Bad conduct in the team.

Apart from these, anything that hampers environment-

  • Absenteeism
  • Carelessness
  • Misusing company’s property.
  • Excessive breaks.

If you are running a company or working in the HR section then you may need these forms. If you have not these till now, just download some readily available formats and can easily edit those for use immediately.

How we should use it

We should use this as a tool for improving the environment of work and it shouldn’t provide a negative vibe to all. Employers should be well aware of using these forms. That’s why before issuing the forms. We should make the employee or a group of employees recall the specific number of times they have been given warning.

We always choose any design of employee write up form that has a footnote space at the end where an employee can write anything that he or she wants to draw attention towards.

Important elements of an employee write up printable

At the first section name of employee and date of call is mentioned. It’s kept for future reference. If a group of employees is called for showing cause and improving behavior or performance or sometimes both.

So it should be mentioned whom the letter is being written and issued.

Purpose and specifically why the letter has been issued come then. Write why the show cause has been issued and mention how many times you have tried to handle the situation by controlling everything verbally. Highlight every point that compels you to issue the forms.

Elaborate the issue is the next step. You should have a clear idea of why and how the issue has been raised and how it can be resolved. Date, quotes and all the important parameters of your claim should be written clearly.


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