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silent auction bid sheet

Silent auction is a particular type of auction where people place their bids for something without any word uttered. The catch here is that no auctioneer conducts the auction.

In a formal auction people bid raising their placard and with a specific price but in silent auction everyone has only one chance to bid. On a bidding sheet people are requested to write down their bids and by folding the sheet they drop that into a box.

So the best a bidder can do is to write down the best value on the silent auction bid paper by analyzing the competitors and the product or services.

Silent Auction Bid Sheets – Free Templates Up For Grab!

Silent auctions are arranged by the charitable trusts mainly though now a day’s many auction houses prefer this type of auction process, especially which are very near to any school, hospital. In order to arrange a successful silent auction, we need to prepare a good sheet which will be filled up by the participants. These types of papers are designed for silent bidding.

How we design the silent auction sheet entirely depends upon the process we want to let the participants go through. If we want them to bid them for multiple items on a single sheet then the design gets changed a little bit. Let’s have a look at the things we need to emphasize upon before preparing a fully fledged silent auction.

How these Bid Sheets Improve the whole system

If we need to accumulate a handsome amount within a few hours, we have to analyze something before designing or choosing the best suit silent bid sheet. Here is an at a glance at those things-

  1. How many items we have which will be introduced for bidding: If we have a few numbers of things to be auctioned then we need to allow the participants bidding for multiple items on the paper. In order to keep everything smooth, we have to increase the rows and columns in the sheet so that people can bid for the maximum items with the item not mentioned.

Silent Auction Form

  1. Printing the minimum bid amount is a clever practice. We can easily put down the minimum bid amount against each item no so that bidders can easily calculate their highest amount to bid without any confusion.
  2. If we are to limit every bidder with a maximum number of bids then we need to specify the maximum of bids by participants. It’s generally organized not to let a few persons get all the bids.

So, the designs completely rely upon the motto and the target.

*Some auctions are arranged to meet a specific amount. The moment, whole bidding amount gets touched the amount targeted from an auction, the process also gets stopped at the very same moment.

Let’s start our brainstorming on the design of the silent auction bid templates and let’s analyze various designs and their aspects.

Several designs are out there on the internet but the maximum of those don’t work properly when it comes to applying them into real purpose. Either some of them are really too simple or too complex to make the audience understand properly while you transfer the whole silent action bit sheet on hand to the participants.

Silent auction bid sheet template

How to select the best sheet is an art because at first, you need to note down the important aspects you are looking in a sheet. So let’s find out some common factors in a modern yet standard sheet for silent bidding.

First, decide whether you are going for an all-in-one sheet that can be easily used in most of the occasion with some mild moderation. If yes, try to select a template which has multiple rows with places for serial no. Don’t select anything with so complex write-ups where you may get lost in figuring out how to fill that up. So keep it short and simple.

Remember we are in the auction house to get the maximum bids so keeping everything under the lens is important.

Second, Get easy to edit sheet format because you may need to change something depending upon the nature of the occasion.

Silent auction bid sheets

Third, always keep some place at the surrounding of the write-ups so that participants can write some important things during bidding. Most people forget to leave space on the sheet. It improves scoring better figure in the bidding.

Last yet optional, if you want to guide your audience in a better way, list the items with a specific number just behind the sheet so that they can easily co-relate.

These are the basic things to look for while selecting the best bidding sheets. Though there are a lot of other things to consider these are the most conspicuous matters to look for.

Download Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Silent Auction Bid Sheet

So, these were some templates up for download. To download them, just right click and select save image option. See you in the next one!

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