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Work Order Template
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The Work order forms are specific types of forms used in various multinational companies and industrial sectors to provide details of the work to be completed by any team, individual, employee or an organization within or outside the company.

The form contains most of the details related to the specified work. It contains information such as contact details, pricing, taxes, materials involved, required or used, and also specifies various payment terms.

These work forms are known by several names depending on the firms or sector of the industry they are utilized in and are known as work ticket, service ticket, work order or job order.

Types of Work Order Templates

Maintenance Work Order Forms

Work order printables are designed to be descriptive in nature, however, maintenance work order forms are made extremely descriptive with each and every detail of the order included in it. These are mainly used in the manufacturing or industrial sector companies.

Maintenance Work Order TemplateDownload Maintenance Work Form Word File

The form has all the details related to the order placed such as order date, its expected start and end date. It also adds columns related to the material and labor description for calculating a proper monetary value invested and funded for the order.


Automotive Work Order Samples

As the name suggests, these kinds of forms are used by automotive companies for sufficing the need of proper detailing of the service of the automotive vehicle. Be it any vehicle industry, they all have service stations and for providing a proper service and quality of customer service, they take down all the important points from the user in these automotive forms.

Auto Repair Work Order

The form contains the details about the client and the owner of the vehicle, they also explicitly have check boxes for the essential work to be done on the vehicle which is in for servicing. And further provides details on the parts changes, their price, and their quantity with total billing amount of the service too.

Source: Vertex42

Stop Work Order Form

The stop work order templates are used to suspend the ongoing work for any kind of project. There are various kinds of issues that are faced by every company while undergoing a project. If the issue seems to be a serious one, then it is pretty much necessary to suspend the ongoing work of the project for some time. In those cases, to make it official, stop work order printable are used.

Stop Work Order FormsDownload Word Document

These forms are addressed to a certain person of the industry with the notice and urgency of the work to be suspended on the project (with projects name, project manager, and location of the work). The form also has information about the person issuing this order of suspending the work.

Service Work Order Printable

These types of work orders are utilized by the companies who take any kind of inside or outsourced service from the department or other company respectively. The form is specially designed and created for including each and every small detail about the service that has been received from the addressee.

Repair Work Order Samples

The repair order work forms are used for providing the access to the repair persons inside the premises of the industry or the office. These repair persons can be called for fixing electricity issues, furniture issues, technical issues, non-technical issues or any other relevant issue which would require a work of some outside person.

Repair Work Form

The form provides details about the person calling the repair person and also the description of the work to be fixed.

IT Work Order Forms

IT work orders are used in most of the multinational information technology companies. Since they are created for requesting or providing an information on any new issue that the employee is facing with their allotted personal computer or laptop. The form has all the details such as action required on the problem and the overview of the request in descriptive form.

IT Work Order Printable

Graphic Design Work Order Printables

Graphic designers while at their working place are pretty sophisticated. So, there are various issues while desiring a service from them. In such issues, they have an option of filling this graphic design work order printable with the details of the service that they require with a box of request description too. The form is specially designed for graphic design work only.

Graphics Design Work Order PDFDownload PDF

Landscaping Work Order

Landscaping is another work which is divided into various sections so as to complete the detailing of the service required with the total estimate in a single form. The form includes sections with common tasks and also sections with detailed descriptions. There is also a totally dedicated section for getting a total cost of the project or work.

Landscaping Work Order

Cleaning Work Order Sample Forms

These types of work forms are most of the time used by various hospitals, hotels, and such industries. Since they have to process a proper cleaning staff and management. The form has the check boxes for each essential cleaning place which has to be checked only after they have cleaned it. Moreover, there is an additional information box for providing an issue.

Cleaning form

Inspection Work Order Printable Forms

A general work order sample can be utilized in order to make an inspection form out of it. The inspection can be done every month or quarterly. But each and every point considered during the inspection must also be listed properly. Therefore, this form helps the firm, organization, and person to have a proper inspection take place.

Inspection Order

Work Order Tracking Forms

This work order form has columns with names as order ID, description, start date, due date, assigned to, requested by and percentage of work completed. It also depicts the level of priority the work contains with high being in red color, the medium being in orange and low being in green color. The status column is used to ensure the work is completed or is completed.

Change Order Request Form

Though giving an order is an easy process but if there any changes required in the middle of the project then it would require a proper method of conveying the changes to the project manager. In such situations, change order request forms are used. They have proper dedicated sections for explaining the changes required and the reasons for the same.

Purchase Order Forms

Purchase order forms are specific to keeping the track of monetary and investment dine on the projects.  Many vendors and suppliers are benefited with such forms since it becomes easy for them to keep a track and calculate the total amount of investment or profit they have done or gained respectively.

Service Invoice Forms

As the name suggests, the service invoice forms contain the details regarding the work of service done by any individual. There is a number of hours and unit price column which in turn calculates the total amount of money to be paid for the service taken.

These work order templates are used to create a chronological and better management flow inside the company within numerous departments. There are various types of work order forms and their templates discussed here, which would definitely help everyone to understand and be friendly with the types of forms used in the industry they are or would be working in. While you are at it, Download November 2018 Calendar to keep your Work on schedule!


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